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Big Tarts

Big Tarts


Tarts are one of the glories ofthe French kitchen for their simplicity and excellence. They require nothing more than a flavorful, dry crust and delicious moist filling. If you are nostalgic for authentic traditional French pastries, then Le Patissier will be worth the trip, we offering mixed nut tart, fruit or mix fruit tart in season. All of our products are made with natural ingredients and no preservatives.


Big Tart List


  • Apple Tart
    Apple Tart
    Shortbread base custard filling.Topped with sliced apple.
  • Citron Tart
    Citron Tart
    Shortbread base. Lemon curd filling.
  • Mixed Berry Tart
    Mixed Berry Tart
    Shortbread base. Custard and cream filling.Topped with blueberry, red currants and strawberry.
  • Raspberry Tart
    Raspberry Tart
    Shortbread base. Custard and cream filling. Topped with raspberry.
  • Pear Tart
    Pear Tart
    Shortbread base.Almond cream filling. Topped with pear.
  • Mixed Nut Tart
    Mixed Nut Tart
    Shortbread base. Almond cream filling.Topped with caramel mixed nut.